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Transfer your domain name to the IT Company New Zealand, the leading company for domain name registration and management.

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By simply transferring it from your current provider with a few clicks, you can utilise your current website domain name on IT Company New Zealand. Simply move it to your domain name or a temporary domain, give it a quick inspection, and you're ready to publish.

Reliable DNS
Register Name Servers
Employee Owned
Free DNS
Domain Manager
Domain Management
Domain Security Lock
Renewal Protection
Auto renewal
 Open Source
Whois Lookup

Your Privacy is Protected

Your personal information is often exposed when you purchase and register a domain name on open databases like WHOIS.
Protect your private information with IT Company New Zealand. For ultimate security, our domain privacy protection service will keep your private information concealed from others.

Simple, Straightforward Transfer Process

Ready Domain

Make sure your domain has been registered for at least 60 days before beginning your domain transfer. Verify that the domain contact is your email address.

Launch Transfer

Start the transfer by passing a few confirmations and approving it.

Accept the Transfer

The registered domain contact will get email with transfer approval instructions. Check your email, then press accept.

Final Step

The domain will be available in your IT Company New Zealand account after your former supplier has approved the transfer.

Domain Name Transfer Features

Secure DNS
Secure DNS

Using our worldwide network, we can speed up websites while also enhancing their protection against DDoS assaults.

Managed Domain
Managed Domain

Consolidate all of your domains, link any services, and take complete control. It is easy and uncomplicated.

Protective Renewal
Protective Renewal

The domain will always be renewed thanks to auto-renewal and multiple renewal alerts.

What Domain Name Transfer Entails

Cheaper renewals
Benefit from IT Company New Zealand’s low prices every year
Experienced support
Enjoy worry-free customer service excellence
Flexible DNS for less
Your address is kept private

Why Transfer to IT Company New Zealand

IT Company New Zealand is Australia's #1 domain name provider. We provide domain services to corporate, government, celebrities, small and medium businesses.

Round-the-clock assistance

Get all the assistance and guidance you require, including transportation-related concierge care.

Simple management

Domain transfers are not simple. You are free to focus on what matters since IT Company New Zealand's services are free of cluttering upsells and complexities.

Simple consolidation

You can easily and stress-free transfer all of your domains to us. Instead of juggling several providers, contacts, and services, manage all of your domains from one location.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Transfer Domain Name

Do you have questions? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that can help you.

Domain transfer is technically a handover of domain name ownership from one registrar to another. The process in no way interrupts the function of services linked to your web address such as websites and emails, mainly because your registrars are only responsible for the transfer of domain name records.

Price - Without annual price discounts, registrants will most likely flee from current registrars and move to a new registrar with cheap domain transfer prices, without compromising efficient services. Most registrants want to choose affordable deals and look forward to attractive promos that can surely help diminish costs.
Special features – Providers that offer easy-to-use management tools get more chances of transfer domain than those who only maintain bland offers. Aside from that, a complicated interface will also push registrants to move and change to a provider with a more user-friendly website.
Privacy issues - Online transactions are private that’s why registrants choose registrars carefully before purchasing services. Sometimes, although attractive and affordable on the surface, some registrars don’t offer authentic security and protection of sensitive information.

If you would like to update or change Most of the time, domain name, you only need to fill out our transfer domain ownership form. After which, you can return the form to us through email or fax. We process your change request usually within 5 days, providing that all remaining fees are already cleared and paid. The moment your application is validated and approved, we immediately send you a confirmation email.



You are protected with 30-Days Money Back Guarantee! You can cancel and get 100% refund with no reason over a month. Just let us know and we will send you the refund.

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